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Sleeping like a baby

It’s hard work being this cute 🙂





Two months

Benjamin is officially two months old and we can’t believe how fast the days and weeks are flying by! He is a busy boy and brings us so much joy each and every day. He had his two month checkup and is weighing 10 lbs and he is 24 in. The pediatrician described him as “long and lean”. This makes Scott and I chuckle because neither one of us would consider ourselves to be long and lean, haha! He did pretty well when they gave him his shots and he was asleep by the time we got him in the car to go home. And speaking of sleep, he has been sleeping through the night for the past week or so, which is great news (especially for Daddy who was feeding him at 4 am!).
Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!!




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Easter 2012

Benjamin had a great first Easter. He got cute Easter baskets from Nana and Pawpaw (Scott’s parents) and Grammy and Papa (my parents) and he had a special visitor from South Carolina, his great Uncle Larry. We had a nice time visiting and relaxing with family. I discovered just how much Benjamin hates hats when I tried to dress him like a bunny. He did not like that!! But we had to try and get some Easter pictures so it was worth it. Right now Benjamin is too young to go to church, but we look forward to bringing him next year and teaching him about the true meaning of Easter.






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Hi Everyone!
Scott and I decided to start this blog so that our friends and family can keep up with our new bundle of joy, Benjamin David. (But let’s be honest, I’m sure our main readers will be the grandparents!). I also wanted to have a way to document all of the neat things that Benjamin is doing. It seems like each day he is growing and doing something new. He has started smiling a lot (especially when looking at his Chick-fil-a cow from Aunt Meg and Uncle Spencer) and just this morning when I went to get him up, he was sleeping on his stomach! He is always full of surprises and I’m sure parenthood will be quite an adventure. We are loving every minute of it!
Ok, off to change another diaper…


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