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A Day in the Life

Yesterday I decided to take pictures of everything Benjamin did in just the time span of 10 minutes. Here are the results:

In just ten minutes time, he did some driving, some drinking (not while driving though!), listened to some tunes on his “iPod”, read a book, sat in his chair, did a puzzle, stole Mommy’s wallet, and checked on the neighborhood. Whew, I need a nap just thinking about it! 17 months sure is a busy age. We love watching him learn and explore!
He also got a new ball cap. He looks like such a little man when he wears it. Where did my baby go??

Ok, I’m off to go catch him before he climbs up the bookcase. Hopefully I’ll be able to update the blog again sometime soon 🙂

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Our Summer (so far)

Summer is in full swing and we have been busy chasing after Benjamin and trying to stay dry from all the rain! So far this summer we have…

Played at the park

Visited Nana and Pawpaw in Dalton



Celebrated Father’s Day

Welcomed a new niece into the world named Hattie Virginia King, proud parents Spencer and Meg



I ran the Peachtree Road Race (didn’t take a picture while I ran but I promise I did it!)

We’ve nursed some bumps, scrapes and bruises on the face (he likes to RUN! And doesn’t watch where he’s going!!)


We’ve done some light reading in the car to help Daddy prepare for his Bible study 🙂


That is our Summer so far! Sorry for all the pictures. I will have to get better about updating this more often!

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