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18 months

on August 22, 2013

Guess who turned 18 months old today??

This guy!!!
Benjamin had his 18 month checkup today and is doing great. He weighs 27 lbs (65th percentile) and is 34.5 in. long (97th percentile). He is still wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers. He went up to size 5 in shoes. He has 12 teeth and is getting number 13 (at least I think so, I can really only look in his mouth and count teeth when he’s asleep because he won’t let me otherwise!). He is talking up a storm and has too many words for me to count. We joke that he is like a parrot because he pretty much repeats whatever we say!
He continues to love books and likes to carry them everywhere he goes. He still loves his Chick-fil-a cow and his cow puppet. He excitedly shouts, “Moo!!” whenever he plays with them. He also loves music and going outside.
He is a really sweet boy despite having some what I like to call “toddler moments” lately. He has learned the word “No” and isn’t afraid to say it! He mainly has these “moments” when he is tired and hungry. But the times when he gives kisses more than makes up for the times when he acts like that 🙂
I am enjoying being with this little guy and watching him grow so much. Everyday he surprises us with a new word or skill that he has learned. He is such an amazing gift from God and Scott and I feel so blessed that we get to be his Mama and Daddy!

He had his first Popsicle at the playground with friends. Yum!

Reading a book during breakfast

He is obsessed with my phone and pretty much knows how to use it. I have no idea how he found the camera but he did and he took this picture of his feet 🙂

Fun at the mall with Grammy and Papa

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